Wednesday, November 5, 2008

101 Reasons I Want to be Healthy

1. I don't want to carry around 200 lbs. for the rest of my life.

2. My lower back is really beginning to hurt.

3. My joints are beginning to hurt.

4. I don't want to be old and fat (just like I never wanted to be young and fat.)

5. I no longer need it. It doesn't serve me in whatever way it used to.

6. I want to be more active.

7. I want to physically be able to handle my own house and my own yard.

8. I want to get better gas mileage--less weight equals better gas mileage.

9. I want to have babies. Lots and lots of babies.

10. I want to get married. Not that I can't at this weight, but it will be much more likely if I can lose the weight.

11. I want to develop all sides of my personality--namely all of my feminine wiles.

12. I admire Elana at If she has to eat like this and can do it so well than I can do it too.

13. I'm tired of this challenge.

14. I want to look smokin' hot in a bikini one day.

15. I want perky breasts.

16. I want to uncover my fine, fine, fine, thin body.

17. I don't want to be the fattest girl in the room any more.

18. I don't want my weight to be the first thing people notice about me.

19. I'm tired of hearing what a "pretty face" I have or what a "great personality."

20. I want to uncover the flat belly that I've always wished for.

21. I want to quit buying clothes at Lane Bryants. FOREVER.

22. I want to buy clothes at regular stores without a second thought.

23. I want to go down the slip 'n' slide at the church party on the July 24th weekend each year.

24. I want to hike the mountain peak near my house.

25. I want to have the stamina to endure at least 18 holes of golf becasue I've never played 18 holes of golf before and so many people in my family are obsessed with this sport. What is that all about?

26. I want to travel without a second thought, meaning I can go to as many art museums and sights as I want to without worrying about my feet hurting.

27. I want my feet to STOP hurting.

28. I want all sunglasses to fit me--because my face is too wide normally.

29. I want to buy cute bras.

30. I want to make more money.

31. I want to quit allowing this challenge to hold me back.

32. I want to go swimming without thinking about it.

33. I want a lovely, open lap to hold lots of babies on.

34. I want to love what I eat every day and know it is good for me.

35. I want to keep talking about food and health but I want to quit talking about my weight.

36. I want my life to feel right again. Part of that comes with my health improving.

37. I don't want little kids to ask me why I have such a big belly any more.

38. I want to do whatever I dream of physically without the limitation of obesity.

39. I want to kiss lots of boys. Or at least kiss one boy lots and lots of times.

40. I want to move on with this challenge.

41. I want my friends to not only love my insides but also to love my outsides.

42. I want to heal this wound.

43. I want to go waterskiing.

44. I want to try snowboarding.

45. I want to do yoga often.

46. I want to do Pilates often as well.

47. I want to dance beautifully.

48. I want to jump on a trampoline without worrying about breaking it.

49. I want to ride a horse without my weight being a problem.

50. I want to go snowskiing.

51. I want to run and jump and play with my nieces and nephews.

52. I want to run a marathon.

53. I want to build a strong, healthy, beautiful body.

54. I want my body to have a chance after all these years.

55. I want to be my personal best.

56. I want to rid myself of my morning kleenex-and-mucus habit.

57. I want beautiful skin that isn't marred by a bright red flush.

58. I want to heal from PCOS.

59. I want to get rid of extra body hair.

60. I want to grow better hair on my head--that happens when I'm eating better.

61. I want to stop the greasy, nasty hair thing that happens to me if I don't wash my hair every day. I think my diet will affect that.

62. I want to join a running group or fitness group with friends.

63. I want to climb ladders without worry.

64. I want to buy pretty clothes and look my best in them.

65. I want to dress with flair to highlight the best parts of my body and minimize the other areas.

66. I want to reach out to old friends and welcome new friends without allowing my weight to hold me back.

67. I want to travel without worrying about seat belt extensions in cars or airplanes.

68. I want to be the best me I can be. The most beautiful, the brightest, the happiest me I can be. I don't think I've reached my personal best.

69. I want to be pregnant.

70. I want to get my master's degree and write a book without allowing my weight and all its attendants worries, complaints and diseases to stop me from achieving those goals.

71. I want to be beautiful. Really, really beautiful.

72. I want to heal from metabolic syndrome.

73. I want to quit breaking things inadvertently because of my size.

74. I want to live up to ALL of my hopes and dreams.

75. I want to finally put to rest this one great on-going challenge in my life.

76. I want to rest from this labor for a time. Or at least not have it consume my every thought, my every free moment, my every secret wish.

77. I want people to set me up on blind dates.

78. I want to date.

79. I want to be me without this attendant trial.

80. I want to have closure on too many years of waiting for my dreams to come true.

81. I want to live up to my own ideals.

82. I want the energy to live up to those ideals.

83. I want the stamina to encourage those ideals to live and breathe in my life.

84. I don't want to be the fat cousin, fat sister, fat daughter or fat friend any more.

85. I want to be a pretty mom and a pretty wife.

86. I want to run and play with my children.

87. I want to birth healthy, beautiful children.

88. I want to never again "wait until next year" when any holiday or major event occurs, hoping against hope that once and for all I will handle this elephant of a problem in my life and be able to participate the way I want in every situation.

89. I want to have a wedding day with all of my loved ones around me.

90. I want to be a beautiful bride.

91. I want to marry a man who loves me--all of me and loves who I've become.

92. I want to spend the rest of my life looking in the eyes of my best friend.

93. I want to marshal my courage, my strength, my stamina and my hope to live my dreams.

94. I want to be admired.

95. I want to fulfill my destiny.

96. I want to live without any more regrets.

97. I want to do my best. In every aspect of my life.

98. I want something better than I have right now.

99. I don't want to miss my windows of opportunity.

100. I want to hear the voice of God. And see his light shining in my children's eyes.

101. I want my mind and heart and soul and body to be at peace and to be one. I want pure, unadulterated joy to be living in this body, in this place, in this time. No more waiting.

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Chubby Chick said...

I just discovered your blog, and I'm so glad I did! I, too, am in the process of losing 200 pounds... so I want you to know that you are not alone.

I can relate to so many of the things on your list. I'm sick of existing and not really enjoying life, too. There are so many things that I want to do! And we deserve to live the life that we've always wanted.

Hang in there. You CAN do this. It's not easy, and it's not going to happen overnight for us... because we did not gain this weight overnight. It's a process... and we just need to take it one day at a time and do the best that we can each day.

Good luck... and I'll be back to visit often! :)


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