Tuesday, March 24, 2009

About Me: Photo Time

February 2009 at 322 pounds

August 2008 at 336 pounds

2004-2005 Weight Loss 

October 2003 at around 315 pounds

January 2004 at 315 pounds

February 2004 at 286 pounds

March 2004 at 269 pounds

Three side poses at 315 pounds, 286 pounds and 269 pounds

May 2004 at 244 pounds

Trip to London and Paris in May 2004. Gained weight on the trip. I had a hard time when I came back from the trip staying on my plan and slowly, slowly started to gain weight again. 

July 2004 at 249 pounds

In October 2004, I had my birthday. I had regained about 35 pounds at this point since May 2004. I kept trying to stay on plan but I just didn't. Around my birthday at 278 pounds, I recommitted to the plan I had been on. From that point for the next five months, I was pretty focused again. 

December 2004 at 234 pounds

December 2004 at around 225 pounds

January 2005 at 215 pounds

February 2005 at 209 pounds

February 14, 2005 I had the often-mentioned KABOOM experience. I then quickly gained back the entire 105 pounds I had lost and an additional 25 pounds. That meant by January 2006 I weighed in at 340 pounds. It was an incredibly overwhelming experience emotionally and physically and I dropped into a no-man's land after that. It took me a long time to sort through not only the emotions but exactly what had occurred to me through that experience. 

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