Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 76: What a Feeling!

So, this morning I went for a walk when the temperature was about 30 degrees and a canyon wind was blowing. I almost turned back once and went home to the treadmill. So, so cold. 

I came back from the walk and did some weight lifting and then some stretching. I watched Oprah while I did both of those tasks. One of the shows was on extreme morbid obesity--a situation that is devastating for too many people in this country. I think for the rest of my life I will be interested in health, eating disorders, morbid obesity and any of the attendant psychological, familial, biological and environmental circumstances that lead people down that path. 

With my own weight challenge, I've often felt alone, scared and misunderstood. The problem seems so large and the solution so out of reach. There are so many layers and issues and things that must be overcome. My body has felt like the enemy rather than a friend. 

This morning though, I realized that my body and I are fast becoming best friends. She likes me and I like her. We aren't engaged in a pitched battle for control any longer as I've come to understand her better and work with her weaknesses and strengths. And she as a result is sending me good wishes, great feelings and energy galore. You've gotta love that. 

I think this morning after all the exercise, I just felt giddy. Giddy and excited and full of energy. That is such an unusual place for me to be that I have to comment on it. If my bout with obesity, depression and struggle has been characterized by anything it is: low energy. So, to feel an abundance of it, even for a few hours is finger-lickin' good and makes me want to shout to the world. 

Today I have energy. Today I bounced down the stairs to my house. Today I wanted to run. Today I felt a giddiness and a glow that comes from good health. Today I feel peace and joy. Today is a great day. 

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