Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thoughts on the State of My Diet

A few nights ago I ate that amazing meal at Thanksgiving Point. It was so, so good and I knew it was going to do something good to my body too. All the yummy veggies and the fish, shrimp and scallops just spoke to me. And I was right. About 24 hours later, I felt AMAZING.

That food--salmon, incredible veggies, good fats--does something to me that I don't acknowledge well enough sometimes. That food works with my body and its biochemistry. It works for me. That kind of food often leaves me feeling clean and good inside. Just like that night. The food is fresh and appealing and it is well-prepared with thought and care. (I need more thought and care when it comes to preparing my daily meals).

So, even though I felt amazing, I didn't keep eating that way the next few days. I had burgers and fries and a chocolate shake one day. I had a strawberry shake and a chicken taco the next day, I binged on Saturday morning at the McDonald's drive-thru and purchased their Deluxe Breakfast with pancakes, sausage, egg and biscuit, plus I got an Egg McMuffin, plus I got a cinnamon melt.

All those foods? Left me feeling tired, down, overwhelmed, and bloated. None of them made me MISERABLE, but I certainly didn't feel amazing like I did the day after the lovely, lovely meal I posted about two days ago.

You think in the future I might remember which food is which and choose accordingly.

I can hope.

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