Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 38: Feeling the Effects

My feet feel thin today. 

I know that's a rather funny thing to say, but when you've been chubby most of your life and you wake up one morning to thin feet--well, you just thank the Thin Gods and be grateful for small gifts.  

I know even these small gifts are the result of the allergy-free diet and that makes me thrilled. Thrilled for the changes big and small I've been feeling and thrilled about the changes that I hope to see occur in the future. 

I guess you could say life is taking on a bit of a sparkle lately. 

Other thin affects that I've noticed recently? 
  • thinner face
  • hands less bloated
  • stomach less bloated
Yes, to have my tummy start to disappear this early in the game is like a gigantic French kiss from the Thin Gods. My tummy has never departed so early and with so little fanfare before. It is like it is slinking away because it is aware of the ultimate defeat. 

Of course, I still weigh in the 300s. Yes. But even a chubby girl can get excited to see her toes each morning in the shower without having to bend at a 90 degree angle just to wish them good morning. 

Yes, the bottom half of my body suddenly seems like an old friend who has recently returned and wants to get hitched. And I'm ready to say "I DO." 

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