Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 45: Am I Really Still Doing This?

So, I've been doing this for 45 days now. I'm a little amazed that it is still going on.

Two things I'm feeling: Stomach is thin and feeling small. Shocking really, how small it feels. I've never recalled feeling this thin this early and by that I mean--I've lost my tummy. I've lost my tummy in the sense that I can see my toes and that my breasts stick out further than the tummy.

Rather a shock coming from a girl whose chubby tummy has always preceeded the rest of her when entering a room.

The second thing I'm feeling is a bit stunned. After all this time, after all this effort, after all these years is this really it? Is this really how I reach the goal? Is this how I feel better? Is this really the secret to me feeling strong and healthy? Cutting out the dairy and the wheat? Watching the overall carbs? Eating frequently throughout the day? Enjoying the good fats? Drinking plenty of water? Feeling so good when I exercise? Is this really it?

Well, I bless the Thin Gods and their cohorts for a wee sign of progress. I've got many days ahead on this journey. I certainly feel more secure about that state of my health in those days to come. And it is a journey I think I just may relish.

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