Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 47: Cooking Class with Kelsey Nixon

My mama loves to cook. She loves it. My whole life I've watched her in the kitchen working her magic making dishes and treats and snacks that wow the taste buds, lift the heart and make you come back for more and more and more. 

My mama loves to cook so much that she takes classes, tries new recipes and discusses food a lot. She also cooks incredible food and feeds her whole family every Sunday. That means seven of her eight children and five of their spouses, plus 16 grandchildren. That's 30 people every week. That's a lot of people to cook food for each week. When my baby brother is in town with his family our numbers bump up to 33 at dinner. (And with two new babies on the way this year we will soon be up to 35 people. And I expect at least three more grandchildren to join us in 2010 too.)

Well, my mom is always taking cooking classes to learn more about food. A couple of months ago she took a class by a girl named Kelsey Nixon who is a minor celebrity around here for having competed on The Next Food Network Star tv show a year ago. Ms. Nixon is young--only 24 years old--but she is bubbly and cute and full of energy. And she likes to cook and talk about it. 

Well, my mom hired her to come and do a cooking class at her house. And she invited ten of us to come out for the class. We had a great time. We got to watch Kelsey cook some amazing food and we got to talk about food. A lot. We chatted about knives and knife sharpening and how to cut an onion and how to not cut into meat until it has rested for 10 minutes after pulling it from the oven. We talked about culinary school and the food network show Kelsey was on. We had a great time. She made Greek grilled veggie panini sandwiches, a veggie orzo salad, a roast pork, and a lemon curd and berry dessert. Good food. 

I still stuck to the allergy-free diet. I ate the grilled veggies for the panini sandwiches, I ate the berries for the dessert, I ate the veggies out of the orzo salad and I ate the pork and cut off the bread crumb outer crust of the meat. All in all a fun night full of good food and lots of chatter. 

Thanks, Mama. What a fabulous night full of friends, fun and great food. 

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