Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 39 Progress: I'm Trying to Temper My Excitement

My uncle asked me the other day about this allergy-free diet in an email. He wanted to know what I was doing and why and if it was helping. I tried to respond quietly and nicely and calmly to his email and his questions, but mostly I was excited. I just wanted to shout about how much I've been learning on this allergy-free diet and what it is doing for me. I've been feeling like I want everyone around me to try this and see if their emotional issues would clear up if they went off wheat and dairy too. 

I really had to hold myself back. I just wanted to proclaim that I had found the holy grail and it was WORKING. 

And working is very, very nice. Working is addictive. Having something working like this makes me think that I may have actually found one of the keys to the kingdom. 

And that kingdom would be health and wellness. 

It starts to make achieving thinness look like a real, live state I can reach. 

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