Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 48: Surviving

I've had an emotional week this week or a week where I feel overwhelmed by life. When that happens, I often disconnect from life. Shut down. Burrow in an emotional hole. Wish things were different. 

And when I burrow, I don't do productive things and I don't typically eat. 

Funny, huh? I mean funny because in my real life, in my everyday life, eating is the thing that I do. I eat anywhere and everywhere and all the time. I eat as much as possible. I eat nonstop. I just eat. So, to not eat? Well, that is a conundrum for me. 

Before this allergy-free thing, most of the time when I disconnected, I would go out and forage for food once a day. Hit a drive-thru. Then I would come back and be half sick and half bloated but at least I would be full. Typically, I would eat once every 24 hours when I was in my disconnected state. It wasn't pretty and I would be awfully hungry for most of that time because having metabolic syndrome or pre-diabetes means that hunger is a constant state of being that accompanies you wherever you go when you eat things that set off your blood sugar. 

So, I would typically eat once a day. Well, I still eat once a day when I'm in my disconnected state. Or a couple of times a day. But this time I did my own cooking. And here is what I ate quite a bit of this week. 
  • fried onions (who would have thought that, but for some reason, I've been craving onions)
  • raspberry smoothies (just almond milk, raspberries and a touch of agave nectar)
  • eggs (hardboiled and over easy with salsa)
  • turkey burgers with fry sauce (I love that stuff--great mayo, dijon mustard, catsup)
  • apples
  • and more fried onions
This is the kind of stuff that kept me going this week. And all I can say is: fried onions taste great with my special fry sauce. 

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