Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Anxiety Week Juxtaposed Against Loads of Energy

I've been out of commission when it comes to blogging most of this week. It has been finals week and I've been in the throes of writing a paper that was taking every last ounce of my strength and focus. The paper is finally done and I have a final to take before I leave town on Wednesday. When I come back, the next term begins. I've really enjoyed my class this semester so I'm actually looking forward to summer school. 

All of the stress I've been under has not been so great for the weight. My eating has been fine but I've spent almost every spare second on my paper and getting ready for finals so exercise has been non-existent and I haven't been really well focused on eating every few hours. 

Despite all the stress with the paper and finals, I've really had a good week. I've felt an amazing amount of energy and focus. I've been relatively clear-headed and I've been action-oriented. My house is clean, laundry done and I feel on top of life. Sure work is very busy, school is very busy, I have a lot to do in the next two days, but I'm actually excited about getting things done and then going to see my friend for a few days and help her out. 

In fact, in the energy department, I've felt pretty darn spectacular. It seems that all of this work on the allergy-free diet is beginning to culminate into one great big feeling of energy and awareness and joy. I've had people tell me the last few days that I look "bright" and "sparkly." I think my energy must be making me glow. :)

So, yes a bit of an unusual week for me. On the one hand, loads of energy and excitement and on the other hand, intense anxiety with regards to the paper. I've got to say though that despite the misery, the joy has won out this week. I've felt so thrilled to be alive and ready to face the day and willing to work each day and get things accomplished. That is a lovely feeling to have energy and joy and excitement. I will take those any day over the alternatives. 

In fact, I've been feeling so good the last few weeks that it has led me to wonder if I've ever felt quite this good. At any time in my life have I felt this much energy and joy and willingness to act? Maybe on my mission? Maybe somewhat when I was doing the 6WBMO plan a couple of years ago? I can see why life is so completely joyful when people are full of energy. It makes it fun to wake up each day. It makes it a blast really. I could keep doing life this way for a long, long time. 

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