Monday, April 13, 2009

Stress and Starving

So, I forgot to weigh myself on Saturday and since I don't officially weigh until the beginning of each month I wasn't too worried about it. Plus, since I forgot to weigh myself, it allowed me to weigh myself the next two days in a row and not feel bad about breaking my only-weigh-once-a-week rule. Yeah, still struggling with that rule. 

My stress level has been so elevated for the last week that I wasn't surprised that the weight hasn't dropped. I'm hoping once the stress level goes down, so will my weight. We shall see. 

So, today was too stressful and I didn't eat until about 6PM when I was so hungry I wanted to cry. I almost did--cry that is. In the end, I ate some salmon and sliced almonds and an apple. 

Still stressed, I was doing nothing productive. I just was sitting and stewing in the juices of my stress. Finally about midnight I left work and I stopped by Carl's Jr. and got a guacamole burger in a lettuce wrap. 

That's what I ate: apple, almonds, salmon and guacamole burger. Not a great day of eating. It is too easy to fall back into the habit of not preparing any food and not eating anything until I start to feel a little crazy. 

And then I end up starving. 

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