Monday, April 27, 2009

Six Days of Traveling

Dinner on Thursday night: sweet potato and lentil soup, big salad with red peppers and broccoli, tomatoes, strawberries, blackberries, avocado and red onion. The dandelions in the middle were not for consumption. 

Well, so far the allergy-free diet has been pretty easy--only because I'm staying in the home of a friend who likes to cook and eat much like I do and who is also doing some "clean" eating right now because her health is out of whack. 

We've been eating and cooking together and figuring out life--one of our favorite things to do. I'm loving the time I get to spend with her. Everyone needs time with friends, kindred spirits who feed your soul. It is incredibly rejuvenating. Amy and I have connected in a way that makes me feel lucky to be her friend. Lucky, lucky, lucky. I'm grateful I get to know her. 

We chatted so long today that we forgot lunch and I went downstairs and had a mini-feasting session of blueberry smoothie, salmon and avocado, and even some mushroom chicken and rice. Yeah, the stomach is hurting now. 

Really, though one little bit of crazy eating in six days? I only hope I can be so lucky on subsequent vacations.  

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