Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Looking in the Mirror

I had a party to go to the other night and my need for clothes has turned into such a desperate situation that I knew I needed at least something to wear to this party. So, I had a half an hour I could squeeze out of my day and I ran up to the mall and went in the store, hoping I could come out with something in my hand that would help me to feel a bit more prepared for this party. 

Shopping definitely made me take measure of myself and my progress. I've been feeling particularly well the last few days and feeling like a million bucks. It was a bit startling to realize that just because I felt that way doesn't mean it is always reflected in the mirror. I pulled some clothes into the dressing room just guessing at my size. I had been a size 30 or 32 and I was hoping I was in the 26 or 28 range. I was. That was nice to see. 

After trying on a whole load of clothes, I asked for some help from the saleswoman because I needed to find some nice business pants and usually my hips and legs swim in any pants I try on. Bless her heart, she found some pants that fit me perfectly. They were gray slacks--not my particularly favorite color--but they were such a vast improvement over the other options I had at home that I paid for them and left. At least I could feel a tiny bit better prepared for the party. 

All in all, I think shopping was a good reality check for me. I know that I have a long way to go on this journey still. It was just encouraging to see some of the progress. 

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