Thursday, April 23, 2009

Traveling and Eating

I flew most of the day Wednesday to visit my friend Amy. I had a busy two days before I was traveling and while I had thought about meals for the plane I didn't actually prepare the food until the an hour before I was leaving. My plan was to take almonds, apples and hard-boiled eggs. I did take the almonds and apples but I realized that I did not have time to cook the eggs. Fortunately, I had made some salmon the night before and I had baked too much of it and not wanting it to spoil while I was gone I just took the salmon with me. I knew I would not open it in the plane (I might get killed by other passengers) but I could eat it somewhere in the airport on my layover. 

My other plan was to just drink water. Every time a stewardess asked me what I wanted to drink I gave them my water order and it helped me stay well-hyrdated. I was tempted once to try some tomato juice but the sodium content was too high so I left it alone. 

Overall I got off the last plane about nine hours after I started and I was ready to get to Amy's house. She had some lentil and sweet potato soup cooking and it was GOOOOOOD. So warm and caramely and yummy. It was amazing comfort food. 

Thursday we spent part of the day planning meals for the week and shopping. We are now well stocked to feed six people and keep everyone eating well. Lucky for me, Amy likes to eat the same way as I do and feeds her family really well so they like the food too. We are going to enjoy many eating experiences this week. 

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