Thursday, April 9, 2009

Stress and Eating

I've been more than a little stressed the last few days. Lots to do and I don't seem to be doing all of it well. So, yesterday was a a big stress day. Fortunately, I had made enough food earlier in the week that I had food for the day. I even had food at work. This was all very helpful when the stress level hit its high point. 

I had gone to bed late on Tuesday night because I was so stressed. I had eaten well most of Tuesday, so Tuesday night when my stress hit its peak I ate some rice cakes with almond butter and fruit jam. I watched a show and stayed up late and then I slept in late Wednesday morning. I didn't eat breakfast. I rushed to work. By noon I had not eaten but with the food at work, I was able to eat. Grilled chicken and apples then some turkey chili. Later some pineapple and chicken. 

Wednesday evening when I came home around 8PM from work, I cooked mushroom soup, roasted sweet potatoes and peppers, made spinach turkey burgers and sauteed some asparagus. It took a while to cook, but I needed good food. I ate a bunch of veggies and I ate some of the turkey burgers with avocado and fried onions. Yummmm. 

My standard operating procedure for handling stress before was to starve and then to binge. Yesterday, I at least handled the stress differently than before. I ate regularly. I ate higher-quality food. I'm not saying handling the stress only comes through how or what I'm eating. I'm just saying that I did not worsen the problem by starving and then bingeing and then setting off an emotional torpedo in my brain and body. I at least didn't take that path and make it worse. 

At least I'm making progress. Maybe next time the stress levels hit high, I will handle it even better. 

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